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How can I get started?

Step 1


Sign up online to the Sendy Freight platform.

Step 2

Contract signing

You will receive a contract via email. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3

First order

You are set to access transporters, tendering service, transporter documents and hassle-free payment processing

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the customer contracting?
The customer contracts the transporter directly
What are the requirements
Vehicle Owners
1. Vehicle Proof of Ownership(Logbook)
2. Vehicle Insurance(Motor Comprehensive or 3rd Party)
4. National ID / Passport Number

Vehicle Driver
1. Valid Driver’s License
2. National ID
3. Smartphone (Android 5.1 and above)Company

Company Details(Name, Address etc.)
Certificate of Incorporation.
ID of one of the directors
How do I get fuel financing?
The transporter will upload the Bill of Lading on our platform; Sendy will ask the customer to verify and confirm the BL. Sendy will then issue you instant fuel financing at select petrol stations
How do customers track their shipments?
The transporter must provide a tracking link for the shipments being transported
What happens if the customer does not pay within the agreed period?
The transporter will be responsible for repayment to Sendy for all the advance payments made to the transporter by Sendy.
Who is responsible for providing shipping updates to the customer?
The transporter is responsible for providing regular shipping updates to the customer
Who is responsible for price quotes?
The transporter will provide their quotes to the shippers directly
How long does it take to be activated on the platform?
It takes 48 hours after sign up and providing the registration documents
Who is responsible for collecting payments from the customers?
Sendy will assist you in sending reminders to customers to make payments. Sendy will notify the transporter if the customer fails to pay within the agreed period.

How we are enabling partner drivers to do more

Enabling Partners to Increase Their Income - Klinton

From a bodaboda rider to a Truck driver, Klinton has seen massive growth since he joined Sendy. "Sendy has opened up opportunities for me. . I was riding a motorbike, they gave me more customers and my income increased and I was able to endorse my driving license." says Klinton.

Enabling Vehicle Owners to Do More With Their Assets - Sally

Sally shares how Sendy has enabled her to maximize her van’s potential. Owning and driving her own vehicle has been an adventure that has allowed her to experience the country, earn income and serve customers; and since she has control over her work hours, she gets to be more present with her children."Sendy allows you to do more with your time and assets," says Sally.

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Maximise your truck's potential and earn more with Sendy.

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DRC Admission to EAC a Boost to Regional Trade

The Democratic Republic of Congo is set to join the East African Single Customs Union in a move that will ease the movement of goods and services to the mineral-rich nation. This follows the endorsement by the Council of Ministers to have DRC join the East African Community (EAC) as the seventh member state under the single customs union, goods moving from the member states will not be subjected to tariffs as is the case at the moment.

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Mombasa Port Records Marginal Cargo Growth in 9 Months to September

Throughput cargo at the port of Mombasa increased by 4.4 percent in nine months to September when compared with the same period last year, highlighting a slow recovery as the maritime trade grapples with the effects of Covi-19.

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UN Warns of Higher Prices In 2022 Due to Rising Freight Rates

Consumers are staring at a higher cost of goods next year on the back of the soaring freight rates unless the bottle-necks surrounding the marine industry are resolved quickly, the United Nations has warned.

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