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One platform to sell directly and deliver stock reliably to all your customers.

We connect you to more customers and help you sell more.

More efficient operations
Fulfill orders faster and connect directly to retailers. No middlemen.
Sell more products
Connect instantly with local retailers and increase your market footprint with more volumes.
Free transportation
Access Sendy’s vehicle fleet and free reliable delivery of goods within 24 hours to your customer(s).
Faster payment
Get consolidated payment reliably and make big moves whenever you need to.

How it works

Place goods available for distribution on the platform
Retailer selects goods to purchase
You receive the order and process it
Once processed Sendy will arrange for delivery to the retailer
Sendy delivers your goods

Partner with Sendy to sell more

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How can I get started?

Step 1

Contract signing

Negotiation of trading terms and exchange of relevant information and documents by both parties.

Step 2


A Supply Relations Manager will set you up on the online platform and how it works.

Step 3

First order

You are set to receive your orders on Sendy Supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy goods on credit?
We define credit terms for each retailer individually, depending on their order history.
How much does Sendy Supply cost?
Sendy Supply is completely free for retailers. Suppliers cover the costs of the services.
How can I return goods?
Once a driver brings your delivery, you just need to mark the products you want to return on the Sendy Supply platform. A driver will take those products back to the supplier. Returned goods will be listed on your order summary and automatically deducted from your invoice.  
What happens if a product I have ordered is out of stock?
You can order the same product from a different supplier on Sendy Supply.  
Can I order all products I need on the platform?
We introduce new products every day. In case you can’t find a specific product, let us know so we can add it to Sendy Supply  offering.

How we are enabling businesses to do more

King's Commodities

Having a platform to grow their distributorship as well as meet their transport needs is enabling them to do more with less.

Karatina Emporium

Since 1988, Karatina Emporium has been finding new ways to increase their efficiency.Things have changed now. All they have to do is place an order using the Sendy Supply app, and get all their stock delivered the next day.

Ready to sell more with Sendy?

As a retailer, use one platform to buy stock directly from suppliers, access flexible financing and deliver reliably to all your outlets.

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DRC Admission to EAC a Boost to Regional Trade

The Democratic Republic of Congo is set to join the East African Single Customs Union in a move that will ease the movement of goods and services to the mineral-rich nation. This follows the endorsement by the Council of Ministers to have DRC join the East African Community (EAC) as the seventh member state under the single customs union, goods moving from the member states will not be subjected to tariffs as is the case at the moment.

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Mombasa Port Records Marginal Cargo Growth in 9 Months to September

Throughput cargo at the port of Mombasa increased by 4.4 percent in nine months to September when compared with the same period last year, highlighting a slow recovery as the maritime trade grapples with the effects of Covi-19.

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UN Warns of Higher Prices In 2022 Due to Rising Freight Rates

Consumers are staring at a higher cost of goods next year on the back of the soaring freight rates unless the bottle-necks surrounding the marine industry are resolved quickly, the United Nations has warned.

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