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Goods in transit insurance cover
Get access to comprehensive medical cover for you and your family
Get access to new bikes, smartphones with flexible installment payments
Get access to emergency road rescue services
Get access to fuel on credit at selected outlets

How it works

Receive delivery orders
View extra details
Accept order & pickup delivery
Deliver goods to destination
Withdraw payments weekly

Partner with Sendy to increase your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join Sendy?
  • National ID/Passport
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Log Book/Proof of Ownership
  • GPS enabled Android smartphone
  • A Sendy branded box for motorcycles, and Sendy trackers for 4-wheels.
How much do I pay Sendy?
Sign up is free. Sendy works on a small service fee and 20% commission per delivery.
How will I be paid?
Partners can withdraw total weekly earnings. The withdrawal process is initiated from the Partner app, and the money can be delivered to either the Driver, Owner or another number provided during training.
Can I bring multiple vehicles to the platform?
Yes! There is no limit to the number of vehicles you can bring to the platform.
Who brings the Driver on board?
The Owner of the vehicle is responsible for sourcing the Driver(s).
Who covers fuel costs and Driver stipend?
The Owner covers the fuel costs, Driver stipend, and any other expenses that are Driver or vehicle related.

Partner Resources

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How we are enabling partners to do more

Enabling Partners to Increase Their Income - Klinton

From a bodaboda rider to a Truck driver, Klinton has seen massive growth since he joined Sendy. "Sendy has opened up opportunities for me. . I was riding a motorbike, they gave me more customers and my income increased and I was able to endorse my driving license." says Klinton.

Enabling Vehicle Owners to Do More With Their Assets - Sally

Sally shares how Sendy has enabled her to maximize her van’s potential. Owning and driving her own vehicle has been an adventure that has allowed her to experience the country, earn income and serve customers; and since she has control over her work hours, she gets to be more present with her children."Sendy allows you to do more with your time and assets," says Sally.

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