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Purchase stock directly from suppliers and make next-day delivery to all outlets.

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Purchase the minimum stock amount directly from suppliers at competitive prices, no restrictions. Better margins.

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We provide one platform that enables you to purchase stock at competitive prices from multiple suppliers. Hence, deliver more value to your customers.

Enjoy free next day delivery

Get free reliable delivery within 24 hours to your store(s) whenever you need to restock.

Access flexible financing

Get advanced credit from a 3rd party to buy higher volumes and meet all your customers’ shopping needs.

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How does it work?

  • Select items to purchase
  • Place your order
  • Select your preferred payment option
  • The supplier receives your order and processes it
  • Once your order is processed Sendy organizes your delivery
  • Sendy delivers your consignment

Here’s how we help you do more

Karatina Emporium

Since 1988, Karatina Emporium has been finding new ways to increase their efficiency.Things have changed now. All they have to do is place an order using the Sendy Supply app, and get all their stock delivered the next day.

King's Commodities

Having a platform to grow their distributorship as well as meet their transport needs is enabling them to do more with less.

Grow your distributorship today

One platform to sell directly and deliver stock reliably to your customers

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DRC Admission to EAC a Boost to Regional Trade

The Democratic Republic of Congo is set to join the East African Single Customs Union in a move that will ease the movement of goods and services to the mineral-rich nation. This follows the endorsement by the Council of Ministers to have DRC join the East African Community (EAC) as the seventh member state under the single customs union, goods moving from the member states will not be subjected to tariffs as is the case at the moment.

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Mombasa Port Records Marginal Cargo Growth in 9 Months to September

Throughput cargo at the port of Mombasa increased by 4.4 percent in nine months to September when compared with the same period last year, highlighting a slow recovery as the maritime trade grapples with the effects of Covi-19.

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UN Warns of Higher Prices In 2022 Due to Rising Freight Rates

Consumers are staring at a higher cost of goods next year on the back of the soaring freight rates unless the bottle-necks surrounding the marine industry are resolved quickly, the United Nations has warned.

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